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Virtual-Z 3D editing and/or digitizing geodatabase-direct.
Intensive feature digitizing or retrofitting geodatabase-direct.
* In 2004, DiAP joined the Vexcel product family as the engineering foundation for a redevelopment into virtual photogrammetry firmware, de rigueur in new digital imaging systems where geo-referenced imagery and DEM are standard deliverables, with orthophoto deemed acquisition proof. Such data staples, the essence of photogrammetric restitution are now commodities, satisfying demands of the new purview soon prevalent in GIS communities.

Early in the last decade, the digital revolution in photogrammetry might have been ignited by our pioneering digital orthophoto system, and for desktop computers, two unlikely feats at once. Integrating a 3D raster geo-coding process within a CAD environment and based on an unprecedented TIN terrain modeling infrastructure, its seamless image mosaic output simplified the most esoteric map product of the time.

The encore Digital image Analytical Photogrammetry (DiAP) workstation debuted soon after, another unexpected first of its kind. Integrated with the still-requisite CAD environment and first replicated the venerable analytical stereo plotter, it soon encompassed all remaining processes still practiced. DiAP rapidly captured the largest of installed base and became a de facto industry standard, reshaping much entrenched mentalities, as the digital era irrevocably replaced the past.

Upon much urging from the proactive, DiAP-Viewer was re-released. Originally intended for map editing, or perhaps advanced user-desktops, it was immediately embraced by foresters, geologists and environmentalists as harbinger of the next era soon to come...if only integrated with GIS—destiny of all mapping.

After a decade of industry turmoil and cultural evolution, with the market potentials eventually fulfilled, DiAP technology was divested*, a pertinent step before continuing our unfettered pursuit of a bold new future long fostered, where end-user self-mapping a professional purview...GIS-Direct.


Now...PurVIEW for ArcGIS, the new era begins, at last .

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