Why PurVIEW:

1. Seamlessly Integrated
2. No CAD, no translation, no retrograde
3. Geodatabase-direct editing/mapping
PurVIEW Explorer
PurVIEW Explorer
Inspect imaging delivery. Quality Assurance of geodatabase contents.
Field verification of a geodatabase is impractical. Orthophoto is viable only if the data model is still flat-earth 2D… and unusable for new 3D mapping QA.

PurVIEW pre-empts such challenges.

  • Aerial frame-camera image models
  • RPC imbedded space-borne imagery
  • ADS-40, ASTER, SPOT imagery

Displays thumb-nail image composite for entire project, over a map base, with zoom-in stereo viewing, on demand.

Standard media for digital imaging delivery is...digital. First-viewing on a computer monitor is not only logical, but economical.

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