Why PurVIEW:

1. Seamlessly Integrated
2. No CAD, no translation, no retrograde
3. Geodatabase-direct editing/mapping
Virtual-Z 3D editing
and/or digitizing geodatabase-direct.
Errors, omissions and natural changes are inevitable. Revise geodatabase, in 3D, from geo-referenced stereoscopic image model—first hand.

Real-time cursor coordinate output provides 3D positional attributes—slope, azimuth, distance, area, height…

  • Aerial frame-camera image models
  • RPC imbedded space-borne imagery
  • ADS-40, ASTER, SPOT imagery

Edit/digitize with Virtual-Z active over a geo-referenced image canvas and under stereo-superimposition is QA, by default.

Dynamic-3D ™ displays 2D geodatabase in 3D for stereo editing or data upgrading.

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